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Storytime Schedules

I’ve written some thoughts on storytime schedules before. While I didn’t have any answers, ultimately I ended the blog with how I was willing to change my storytime schedules to benefit my patrons. This month, I made a list of the decisions the library has made after considering our patrons needs/requests. There are more than listed (especially when the library shares its two programming rooms with a variety of inside and outside groups), but these are the things that patrons frequently thank us for:

A screenshot of my library's storytime schedules for this January. [Screenshot courtesy of the author.]
A screenshot of my library’s storytime schedules for this January. [Screenshot courtesy of the author.]
  • Having a combination of both registration storytimes and drop-in storytimes. All of the events with the small circle “R” are registration. The others are drop-ins.
  • Providing each age group with at least two day choices during the week. We do our best to alternate this between M/W/F and T/R because of preschool options.
  • Scheduling our “on our own” preschool storytime (Junior Genius) at the same time as toddler storytime (Talented Toddlers) for parents who have kids in each age group. Parents drop off their preschooler and go with their toddler to storytime.
  • Having a preschool storytime (Discovery!) in the afternoon for those who do morning preschool every day.
  • Planning weekend and evening programs. (Our Monday night community outreach storytimes weren’t showing up in Evanced — I’ll have to check that in the morning.)

And my newest thank-you:

  • For finally creating a “siblings welcome” storytime (Super Siblings) for parents who have a toddler and a newborn/baby. Just today I had a mom chase me down in the library to tell me how happy she is that this storytime is happening!

So, how do you balance storytime schedules? Have you or your library made changes to the storytime schedules because of specific patron requests or needs? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

– Katie Salo
Early Literacy Librarian
Indian Prairie Public Library

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