ALA Annual 2015

Program-a-Looza at #alaac15

Yesterday at the Networking Uncommons we held the first Program-a-Looza. This open share session, brainchild of Danielle Jones, Kahla Gubanich, Mary Pearl, and yours truly, focused on cheap, easy children’s programming for public libraries. Inspired by grassroots sessions, such as Guerrilla Storytime and YA Smackdown, Program-a-Looza was created as a way for children’s library staff to take home tangible programming ideas, tips, and resources.

During yesterday’s session participants were encouraged to brainstorm and bring their personal strengths and experiences to the table. First, each person shared a favorite easily replicable program. Ideas ranged from a simple recycled materials egg drop to cookie forensics, Halloween at the library to community member enhanced storytimes. Next, we picked a programming topic and spent 2 minutes brainstorming ideas using pens and sticky notes. This quick activity sparked a list of over 20 activity ideas around topics like multi-generational programming and STEAM for elementary.

Sound interesting to you? Stop by Program-a-Looza today at 11:30am at the Networking Uncommons. We’re planning to try Program,-a-Looza at midwinter in Boston, so keep your eyes open for those times as well!


7/3/15  Editor’s note:  Amy has posted notes from the two Program-a-Looza sessions at ALA Annual on her blog at Check out some great ideas from the sessions on Sunday and Monday.


  1. Cindy

    I want to learn more about the cookie forensics program. Can you forward a name of the creator of that program?

    1. Amy Seto Forrester

      Hi Cindy,
      My colleague Kahla Gubanich came up with that super popular idea! Shoot me an email at and I’ll forward it along to her.

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