ALA Annual 2015

#alaac15 One miracle moment after another

I walked into the Harper Collins breakfast this morning and stood in line for the galleys. After loading up my bag with way too many great books…never can resist a good book… I headed to the buffet line and found myself talking with strangers and soon-to-be new friends. I did the nametag check to see if I knew them…nope… so I asked the husband if he is an author and he said no…he’s married to an author…and that author turned out to be Rita Garcia-Williams…YES… I WAS standing there getting my eggs and honeydew with THE RITA GARCIA-WILLIAMS..and she was telling me all about the new book she is working on …a high-low… with another plot line that just gives you goosebumps… she is such a gift to the world of children and books.

Left there and found myself walking along the sidewalk with Deborah Taylor who is getting the Coretta Scott King lifetime achievement award tomorrow morning. She was headed to the Margaret A. Edwards award ceremony where the one and only Sharon Draper was receiving her award.

Headed to the exhibits and found myself being introduced to Louis Sachar at the Random House booth… what does one say to the man who has written a book that has turned so many reluctant readers on to books?

Walked a few steps and was told Nikki Grimes was signing three feet away from me…had to go talk to her…I fell in love with her storytelling when I read Bronx Masquerade a decade ago… and now I hand out her Dyamonde Daniel books three times a week…thank God they are on the shelf.

The chance to meet these amazing human beings is one of the reasons I love coming to the conferences. You get a chance to tell them in person what a difference they make in the lives of so many children. Little miracles all.

It’s just noon…. I wonder what the afternoon will bring?

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