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Make Displays Work for You

In May, my library holds a huge annual pet fair. Technically, it’s a program run by our Reference Department and they cover all aspects of the program. But we love to help promote awesome programs our library is doing, especially family-friendly programs like the pet fair.

One way we help promote the pet fair is by putting up a display of pet books starting a couple of weeks before the program. Not only does this help spread the word, but we know that families who attend the program are likely going to stop in the library… where they’ll see a display of books on a subject they’re sure to be interested in. Circ stats for the win!

Photo by Abby Johnson
Photo by Abby Johnson

We’ve also put up a big display of art books when our local schools hold a reception at the library for their best art students (the art is displayed in the library for several weeks prior). It’s not a program that the Children’s Room is in charge of or has anything to do with, but we capitalize on these events that we know capture the interest of our community.

Do you do any book displays that tie into programming at your library or community events?

— Abby Johnson, Children’s Services Manager
New Albany-Floyd County Public Library
New Albany, IN

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