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One of the things that I love about librarianship is that it’s a dynamic profession. It is an evolving field that challenges us to continuously learn and grow in our professional development to better serve our communities.  As a member of ALSC’s Library Service to Special Population Children and Their Caregivers Committee, we have a specific goal to advocate for special populations children and their caregivers.  We strive to discover, develop, and disseminate information about materials, programs and facilities that are available at the library for these groups of patrons.  One of the things that we suggest is that library staff at all levels participate in continuing educational programs and classes about serving these special populations.  Here is a current list of online resources available through ALSC, ASCLA, YASLA, and Webjunction for you to help you grow in awareness and competency in this area.

Be sure to also check out ALSC’s list of Professional Tools for Librarians Serving Youth.  You’ll find a lot of great information about access, advocacy, diversity, public awareness, and more.


Renee Grassi, LSSPCC Committee Member


  1. آموزش موسیقی

    well, thank you for this article, I think it will be practical in the future.

  2. Renee Grassi

    You’re welcome. I hope that you will find it useful!


  3. Kate Todd

    Another course I recommend is “Reaching Every Patron: Creating and Presenting Inclusive Outreach to Patrons of all Abilities” sponsored by RUSA and taught by Jordan Boaz. I have just finished taking this course and hope other people will have a chance to enroll the next time it is offered.

    Kate Todd

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