ALA Annual 2014

Last Minute Tips if You’re Vegas Bound! #alaac14

Here are the Top 5 Tips the Local Arrangements Committee members want to make sure you have before you arrive in Las Vegas next week.

5. Las Vegas isn’t just the Strip. Check out these uniquely Las Vegas, family-friendly destinations.
Discovery Children’s Museum ( ), now in a brand new, 3-story building, the Discovery Children’s Museum has nine themed exhibit halls with interactive, hand-on activities. Visit the website for admission rates. Downtown Container Park ( is an exciting, sustainable shopping attraction in downtown Las Vegas. It is home to several boutique shops, restaurants and a one-of-a-kind interactive play area for children. Hours vary and no one under the age of 21 is allowed after 9 p.m. Springs Preserve ( is the place in the Southern Nevada Valley to explore unique nature exhibits, botanical gardens, hiking trails, and live animal shows. Visit the website for admission prices. Town Square Las Vegas ( is an open-air dining, shopping and entertainment center. The pedestrian-friendly center also includes an 18-screen movie theater and a children’s park. Visit the website for a complete list of stores and restaurants.

4. Allow appropriate time for travel.
Everything in Las Vegas is indeed larger than life! Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to travel between hotels and to the Las Vegas Convention Center. Just because something is “just across the street” doesn’t mean you can just cross the street. On the Strip there are many pedestrian walk-ways that span over Las Vegas Blvd and its cross streets. You must always use these overpasses. For example, a walk from Bally’s Las Vegas to Caesar’s Palace can easily take 15 minutes and these properties are catty-corner to each other. If you choose to use other methods of transportation, be sure to remember that taxi-cabs cannot be hailed off the street. You must get a cab at designated cab-stands, easily accessible at all hotel properties. In addition to the free shuttle busses provided by ALA, you may also consider using the Las Vegas Monorail to travel between hotels on the Strip to the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC is NOT located on the Strip). The Monorail has varying ticket options ranging from a Single-ride all the way up to a 7-Day, Unlimited Ride Pass. Prices range from $5-$56. Visit the Las Vegas Monorail website for more information on online ticket purchases, ticket vending machines, and locations on the Monorail line (
3. Comfortable footwear!
As any seasoned Conference-goer will advise, comfortable footwear is a must. Save your fancy sandals for your evenings out and don your sensible sneakers during the day when walking the exhibit halls, hotels and casinos.
2. Carry a light jacket or sweater.
Yes, I know that temperatures in the summer in Las Vegas are usually above 100 degrees , but once you step inside the intensely air-conditioned buildings of the Convention Center or the hotels, you’ll be glad you stuck that sweater in your bag!
1. Water. Water. Water. And more water!
Las Vegas is a desert and it is very, very dry. Drink water all day long. It is very easy to become dehydrated, even if you stay indoors. Bring along a reusable water bottle, as many of the conference program rooms will have water stations.


Bethany Lafferty is the Chair of the ALSC Local Arrangements Committee for the Annual Conference in Las Vegas. She is the Assistant Branch Manager/Youth Services Department Head at Henderson Libraries – Green Valley Branch in Henderson, Nevada


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