How to Fix Your Programming F’ ups #alaac14

One of the best sessions of ALA 2014 (I happened to be a presenter) was We F’d up but we Fixed it. This program was designed to help you accept your teen programming failures and turn them into successes.


1.  Take risks even if there is a possibility of failure.

2.  Understand that Makerspaces will most likely fail.  Instead of offering a specific project such as coding, have a variety of things going on and make coding a class within your Makerspace. Also, have a consistent time and day for your Makerspace.

3. Include other staff in the planning process. Other people can find flaws and give great ideas.

4.  If you have a monthly or quarterly program, make small changes such as time, day, location, activity, or PR until you get the numbers you want.

The overall takeaway is that failure will happen. Learn from your mistakes to make successes.

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  1. Cathy Hatterman

    Could you turn this into a book? I think this sounds like a very helpful thing for librarians. Expect things to fail, case studies, and how we fixed them… ?Not just coding or 3d makerspaces, but other types of programing too, teens, adults, etc. What you can do when teacher doesn’t appear, (other than freak out…) And other catastropes. We can be flexible, we have homes, spouces, children, pets, cars, things happen and we cope with new things there, but at the library?

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