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Get Your Tween Recommended Reads Book List!

ALSC Tween Booklist
Download your free copy today! Image courtesy of ALSC

Looking for books for tweens? ALSC recently announced the release of a Tween Recommended Reads booklist, intended to engage and encourage tweens to read throughout the year.

The Tween Recommended Reads list includes 25 titles chosen specifically to appeal to tweens and to encourage them to read. PDFs of the booklist are available online in full color and black and white and are free to download, copy and distribute.

A big thank you to the 2013 ALSC School Age Programs and Services Committee who put together this awesome list!


  1. allenson

    Thanks for sharing it. Good idea.

  2. Ann Zettl

    Thanks Kristin!
    I will put out some copies for holiday gift ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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