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You know you’re a children’s librarian when …

You know you’re a children’s librarian when …

you know the release date of every major upcoming children’s book and movie right off the top of your head, but if a patron asks you about the latest or upcoming James Patterson or Danielle Steel book, you scurry off to the catalog!

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So, now that Heroes of Olympus: The House of Hades (Disney Hyperion) and Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Hard Luck (Amulet) have been released, what are the kids in your library waiting for?  Or, how long is your holds list?

Here’s where I stand:

 My personal “holds” list captured with Snipping Tool (very useful).



  1. Tracy

    Several months ago a child came up to the desk and asked the adult services librarian if we had House of Hades. She started to look it up in the catalog but I saved her the trouble by announcing it isn’t out until October. There are over 300 holds on the book, which I bought the day it came out with leftover Google play credit 🙂 I’ve been recommending Loki’s Wolves as a good Riordan read-alike since as a new book it’s actually on the shelf.

    1. Lisa

      Wow! Your holds list is longer than mine, but then again, we’ve got 31 copies and still have a waiting list of 89. Having a few backup suggestions is a great idea.

  2. Jennifer

    I bought three copies and they all went out to holds the day I discharged them…at other libraries. The kids at my library are really reluctant to place holds for some reason.

  3. Amy

    Hard Luck: 290 holds for 90 copies
    House of Hades: 634 holds for 75 copies!

    I got a copy of House of Hades on the first round, but had to return it because of other books that must be read on a deadline. I’ll probably buy a copy eventually since I own all the others!

    1. Lisa

      And I thought we had a lot of holds!

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