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Too busy to breathe?

Have you ever felt yourself thinking you are too busy to even breathe? September, October, and November feel that way to me. I think it is because Summer Reading Club is finally over, and time to focus on the rest of the year. New projects are in the works, and here in Nova Scotia, we know bad weather is coming and so we try to pack all the programming in before the roads get nasty and folks stay inside.  Just a sample of what my schedule has crammed into it:
*present at the NSLA conference
*teach storytelling at the community college
*write reviews of audiobooks
*create and present iPad literacy programs for grant
*teach felt-board classes at the local family resource centre
*help out with a Haunted House at a local museum
*coordinate Teen Read Week activities and put together a newsletter for that
*update social media and manage the blog
*write a blog post for ALSC
*order books
*plan for high-school visits

Just writing that list left me a bit breathless. But I guess I wouldn’t have it any other way–who wants to be bored at work? Time to take a deep breath and plunge in. At least one thing on my list is ticked off now…..

What are your tactics for keeping your head above water? Tell us in the comments how you stay sane with a million projects on the go!


  1. Jennifer

    Yes, October is school visit month for me and I get inundated for requests for tours and outreach programs on top of my regular programs and scheduled outreach. I’m also in the middle of two big projects at work – reorganizing the entire children’s area and planning a winter reading program and I have Cybils! Phew! Between myself and my outside storytime performer we brought 1380 children and teens to programs at the library in October and upped our circulation by 1279 from last October!

    This year, after all the craziness began, I started working on a more organized outreach plan (which was another project, but will save me time in the long run) so next year all the school visits won’t catch me off-guard. I also successfully campaigned for an assistant in the summer so I am not still recovering from summer when fall rolls around! Other than that, I just kind of accept that I can’t do everything (like planning a Harry Potter party for the gifted and talented kids with a week’s notice). I use to say yes to all the outreach requests, even if they required me to work 10-12 hour days – now I give teachers a list of the times I’m available.

  2. Robin Kinney

    As a mom, employee, & student, I know how you feel. I’m on high alert 24/7, with my areas of responsibility changing according to where I am and who I’m with. I use “Todo 6” as an app that helps keep my life (almost) in control. Different to-do lists, sorted by due date, start date, priority, etc – and I can either view an individual list or all the lists combined. Check it out!

  3. Tiny

    Probably my biggest assets are my people. When I feel especially bogged down by the amount of work I have to do, I stop, take a moment to breathe, look around and find someone to delegate some of it to. Its not easy, but it has to be done. And somedays it’s not perfect, but it helps 🙂

  4. Abby Johnson

    YES! I don’t know when October started to be crazytimes, but between all the fall festivals, preschool visits, Afterschool outreach, and our regular programs (not to mention the public schools’ new TWO WEEK fall break and our first Winter Reading Club coming up), fall has turned into such a busy time! I am lucky to have awesome staff members to whom I delegate, delegate, delegate… and I keep adding and crossing off things on my massive to-do list. 😉

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