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I am a bit of an anomaly when it comes to being a school librarian.  I work with a team, I am in an independent school that does not participate in standardized testing, and common core is not a factor.  So many of the issues that face so many school librarians do not necessarily apply to me.

That said, even if I feel like a bit of spare peg, it is incredibly important to take part in the larger conversations happening in the field.  While attending the SLJ Leadership Summit in Austin in September, I was lucky enough to share a table with Elissa Malespina ( @SOMSlibrary ) and she told me about #tlchat (teacher librarian chat) on twitter.  #tlchat is a monthly chat filled with concerns of teacher librarians, and each month the topics are broad strokes like “Collaboration”, “Participatory Culture”, “Building Your PLN”.

I took part for the first time this past Monday during the collaboration chat.  Not only did I get a few new ideas, I also found inspiration.  Inspiration, as I have said before, is fuel for me.  Even though I work with a team in a progressive environment, it is pretty incredible to connect across geography with professional peers.

If you have never participated in a library related chat on twitter, I encourage you to do so.  Here is a list of chats that may help you find some inspiration!

  • #readadv – Reader’s Advisory Chat
  • #edtechchat – Educational Technology Chat
  • #storyappchat – Chat about writers creating storybook apps for the iPad
  • #titletalk – A chat about books and promoting reading and readers
  • #pblitchat – A chat about picture books
  • #alscchat – And of course the chat hosted by alsc members focusing on a variety of topics.

Please add any other chats you find valuable into the comments!


  1. Mary Lee

    I am a children’s book author. I have two books out now, My Air Force Mom and When Grandma’s False Teeth Fly. My third book The ABC’s of Titles for Tiny Tales is due for April 2014 release. If you would be interested in having a copy of my two published books for you library contact me through my website. Leave a message mentioning this post and the address of where to send the books.

    Mary Lee,

  2. Elissa Malespina

    I am so happy you joined the discussion! I am honored that you mentioned me in the discussion. Also make sure to check out TL News Night live every 3rd Monday night at 8pm on google hangout.

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