ALA Annual 2013

Relaxing with #alaplay at #ala2013

Choppin' wood with The Wood Man
Choppin’ wood in The Wood Man

With a night off last night, I had the pleasure of going to a very cool program called ALAplay. I learned about some new boardgames, such as Catan Junior and The Wood Man. There was also graphic novels, demos, and an explanation of 3D printing.

This isn’t my first experience with ALAplay. In 2009, I was an MLIS student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I came to ALA 2009 as a prospective librarian and found ALAplay. What a great time!

Catan Jr.: the beginner's Settlers of Catan
Catan Jr.: the beginner’s Settlers of Catan

As ALA staff, I experience the ALA Annual Conference in a much different way than members do. I love what I do and seeing members enjoy programs at Annual is a real thrill for me, but sometimes it can hard to relax after a long day as I would on a typical Friday playing board games with friends. ALAplay was as relaxing as it gets!

Big thanks to the Games and Gaming Round Table as well as the Graphic Novels Members Interest Group, but putting on this event!

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