ALA Annual 2013

Excited for #ALA13: Using the ALA scheduler app to find out what’s on

I’ve been anticipating this year’s ALA Annual Conference for some time, but it’s finally zooming up on us. My bags are packed, I’m ready to go — but how will I juggle all the things I want to see and do in Chicago? How do I even figure out what’s on, between the great presentations, opportunities to meet authors I adore, and award celebrations?

ALA_2013_Chicago_Logo_FINAL_CLR_0The ALA Scheduler has been a huge help to me. It’s even a great tool to use if you’re just curious to see what’s happening and are an arm-chair visitor, peeking in at #ALA13 from afar and thinking about maybe going next year.

Visit the ALA Annual Conference web site and check out the Scheduler page. If you log in using your ALA login, you can build your own personalized schedule of sessions you’re interested in attending. You can download an app for either iOS devices or Google Play. Again, if you login you can save your schedule but you don’t need to login to browse and see what’s on.

ALA Scheduler App
ALA Scheduler App

I used the scheduler app from my iPad to browse through the different sessions. It always amazes me the breadth and depth of sessions at ALA Annual. While I started by browsing the sessions, it soon became apparent that I needed to focus on my interests a little more clearly. Since I am a school librarian, I browsed by session sponsor to look up sessions sponsored by ALSC and AASL. Some sessions that I’m excited about are:

Best of all, I was able to save a PDF version of my schedule. That way, I can see what different sessions I’m interested in regardless of whether I can get online. I opened up the web version of the ALA Scheduler and clicked the “Save As PDF” button – see below for a screenshot.

Click here to save a PDF of your schedule!
Click here to save a PDF of your schedule!

So here’s where I need advice: my Google Calendar goes haywire when I change time zones. I’ve tried to mark everything as Central time zone, but still things are hard to see correctly. Does anyone have advice for how to manage this better? I’d love some tips in the comments!

Whether you’re getting ready for #ALA13 or viewing from afar, I hope you get a sense of the amazing opportunities our professional organization provides. I’m excited to be able to attend and happy to guest blog at the ALSC Blog!

Mary Ann Scheuer is a school librarian at Emerson Elementary School in Berkeley, CA. She writes the blog Great Kid Books and is a member of the AASL task force for the Best Apps for Teaching and Learning. She was a member of the 2012 Bill Morris Seminar. You can follow her on Twitter at @MaryAnnScheuer.


  1. Dianna Burt

    The scheduler is a great tool, I’m so glad a friend recommended it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Holly

    Ooh…I didn’t realize there was an App. Thanks for pointing that out!

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