ALA Midwinter 2013

14 Sweet Memories of 2013 ALA Midwinter in Seattle!

heartThough it has been a little over two weeks since ALA Midwinter in Seattle, there are still (and will always be) so many sweet memories of all the good work that happened, the creativity that continued (and was born), the friendships that deepened and the new ones that began, and how we all worked hard to continue in our journey to create a better future for children through libraries.  As your President, here are just a few (14 since it is Valentine’s Day) of my highlights on your behalf, if you were there I know you have your own list.

If you weren’t in Seattle, please know that we need and welcome your contributions through virtual committee work, contributions to ALSC publications, notes on ALSC-L, participation in our online communications via ALSC Community Forums, Facebook and Twitter.

Here’s my 14….

  1. One of my very favorite parts of any conference is arriving safely in the city and getting checked it at the hotel.  And, thinking about all that will happen in the next few days!  So being at SEA-TAC and the The Roosevelt Hotel were my first highlights, along with getting oriented and registered!
  2. Prior to ALSC, the Association for Library and Information Science Educators met (ALISE).  As a member of the Youth Services Special Interest Group (SIG), I had been asked previously to moderate the group’s “Birds of a Feather” discussion which is a traditional sharing of teaching and research activities of youth services faculty.  The ALISE homepage for this group is here.  I was able to share with this SIG that with our ALSC meetings in Seattle, our committee reporting forms now include the following question “What type of research would relate and assist the work of your committee/task force and ultimately the implementation of the ALSC strategic plan?”  We plan to collect these potential research questions and have them posted on our ALSC page.  The idea is to suggest research topics for researchers in the ALISE SIG and other’s interested in research related to the work we do.  When the ideas are collected from our forms and posted there will be an announcement on ALSC-L.
  3. Along with other members of our ALSC Executive Committee, on Thursday afternoon I attended the regularly scheduled Joint Meeting with ALSC/AASL/YALSA chaired this time by YALSA President, Jack Martin.  This meeting allows the leadership of our three youth divisions to share happenings in our own divisions, talk about collaborations, and to just generally get to know one another.  It was a rewarding meeting and I have enjoyed work with Jack and AASL President Susan Ballard as we go through our terms in office together.
  4. I was fortunate to again meet our 2013 ALSC Emerging Leader Edward McCoy then see him several times during Midwinter.  Ted works with Oakland Public Library and is serving on the ALSC Great Websites Committee.
  5. Met many new faces at ALSC Speed Networking that was held on Friday night during conference.  There was fun, games and tasty sweet refreshments.  The event’s emcee was Dan Rude, ALSC Marketing/Membership Specialist.  It was a lively and fun group!
  6. Early on Saturday morning, ALSC Executive Director, Aimee Strittmatter and I shared a breakfast meeting with our Priority Group Chairs.  These seven individuals serve a very important role in supporting committees in their group and serving as the liaison between ALSC leadership and committee chairs.  Thanks to Barbara Klipper, Julie Roach, Carol Doll, Carol Phillips, Judy Zuckerman, Laurina Cashin and Kay Weisman!  And, thanks for all being on time at 7 am sharp!
  7. On Saturday morning ALSC & Leadership (formerly known as Division Leadership) was held.  After announcements, introductions, the group heard from the two ALA Presidential candidates Barbara Immroth and Courtney Young.  Carol Doll then announced the ALSC Distinguished Service Award winner, Cynthia Richey! And then we heard from Sue Polanka, well
    Carolyn Brodie and Sue Polanka
    Carolyn Brodie and Sue Polanka

    known for her blog No Shelf Required and related books.  Sue shared a presentation titled “E-Books, Children and Digital Issues.”  Our ALSC Children & Technology committee led by Gretchen Caserotti provided a handout with many supporting links resources related to the topic.  Watch ALSC-L for an announcement of these materials being posted to our website in the very near future.  You will have access to Sue’s live audio, her slides, and also be able to download the handout. What a great meeting!  When you see ALSC & Leadership on the Saturday morning agenda–everyone is always invited!

  8. Working with our ALSC Executive Committee on Thursday afternoon and our ALSC Board of Directors on Saturday afternoon and Monday afternoon.  We worked hard to move our association forward and were proud of our committees and task forces as they brought their work to the table.  Their good, efficient work allowed us to move through our agendas as we made knowledge-based decisions.
  9. Late on Saturday afternoon, the ALSC/REFORMA Joint Executive Committee met to discuss our current joint projects and collaborations for the future.  It is always exciting to see what can happen when you work together.
  10. On Sunday morning during Midwinter we held our All-Committee Meetings, I believe that I made it to every committee table to listen in for a few minutes, to offer words of encouragement, and to thank each of the committee members for their work.  It was exciting to see what was happening with our committees from plans with 75th Caldecott Anniversary to program development with Intellectual Freedom. To see our list of ALSC committees click here.  Great job everyone!
  11. There were a just a few hours in my schedule where I could visit the Exhibits and check out the children’s publisher’s booths and a host of others.  I even managed to pick up materials, pencils, posters and a few ARCs.  And, also enjoyed the conversations held impromptu up and down the aisles.
  12. Of course, a highlight of the 2013 Midwinter for me will always be serving as emcee of the Monday morning ALA Youth Media Awards Press Conference. I received the press release under blind cover at 10 pm the night before at my hotel desk, so I had to keep all the winners a secret until the next morning.  (One of the reasons I had a single room!).  One of the most exciting moments was when we walked on stage and I began the introduction and the audience cheered loudly!  The noise was more than expected!  The whole hour was so much fun and it went by so very fast!
  13. On Monday evening, it was an honor to introduce the ALSC Past-Presidents and our ALSC Board of Directors who were able to attend the ALSC & YALSA Joint Membership Reception.  We were fortunate to have several of our Past-Presidents in attendance. We all stand on the legacy that our past leadership has so courageously built for us and thank them for their many contributions.  Our current ALSC Board of Directors is hard-working.  I was happy to also recognize their service and to acknowledge them.  Thank you again ALSC Past-Presidents and ALSC Board of Director members.
  14. And, it is indeed a sweet memory to finally meet Mary Voors, ALSC Blog Manager, face-to-face at the ALSC & Leadership meeting.  Mary organizes this incredible forum we have to share our news, ideas, projects, programs, thoughts and meanderings… And, she helps me with these monthly ALSC Blog postings.  Thanks Mary!

2197754124_5c8a146761_mA dozen roses to our ALSC Staff on this Valentine’s Day!  Their incredible support, expertise and careful attention to detail made all of our events and meetings in Seattle run smoothly and professionally.  Thank you!

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