ALA Midwinter 2013

What Libraries Are to Tom Angleberger #alamw13

The Wrap Up/Rev Up program at conference is meant to simultaneously get folks psyched for the next conference and to put a cherry on top of the one that is ending. Today’s program featured Chris Alexander, of Star Wars Origami fame, and Tom Angleberger, genius behind the Origami Yoda book and others, flanked by R2-D2 and a number of other Star Wars characters. The audience members folded Boba Fetts and Yodas, and it was great fun.

The most impactful statement of the session–the one that I’ll really be ruminating on for months to come–was shared by Angleberger at the very end of the program. Angleberger is known for populating his books with real children; real children who, in real life, may very often be considered different or special, often derogatorily. But, says Angleberger:

“Being special is like having a superpower. Schools, too often, are kryptonite. But libraries–libraries are the bat cave.”

What a wonderful reminder that what we do is vital.

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