ALA Midwinter 2013

#alamw13 Pleased to meet you. Let’s do lunch.

inigo#alamw13 For me, conferences are about the hand shaking, making new friends, seeing old ones, hatching new plans, leveraging synergies, and going out for lunch at least three times each day. I’m not sure what’s going in my suitcase yet, but I know that I’ll have my stack of moo cards, MacBook, iPad and smart phone (all with the appropriate cords) in my carry-on. I like to leave my schedule open; I know I’m going to the Leadership and ALSC meeting on Saturday morning and the Children & Technology mini-meet up on Sunday morning, but for the rest of the time I’m going to follow the serendipity that usually ensues when you get a bunch of passionate, motivated and intelligent librarians together.

This’ll be my first Midwinter, and I’m only going to be there for Saturday and Sunday because I had to strictly negotiate this “time off” with the hubby, who refers to these types of events as my “library habit” (everyone needs a vice, I suppose), and is only able to take over preschooler-care duties on the weekend. For those of you who also suffer from a “library habit” and have young children at home, you know the sacrifices our spouses make to support what we do. In order to make my husband’s sacrifice worthwhile, I may have to have four lunches a day with my intelligent and inspiring colleagues instead of just three.

Thank you, hubby, and thank all the rest of you spouses out there too, for letting us librarians get our grooves on. Now where’s the charger for my iPad?!

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