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ALSC Online EducationIt’s true: ALSC online courses come recommended.

These recommendations don’t just come from anyone, they come from your peers, the people you work with, the people you see at conferences. Those people. They think you’ll like ALSC’s online courses.

Now, the best way for people to share the information is by word-of-mouth. But because word-of-mouth doesn’t travel always travel quickly as the internet, we’re sharing some of the information from the surveys that we complete after each of the online courses. These are real quotes from real learners. So, almost as good as word-of-mouth.

You’ll notice that the information below is from three of our online courses. We’re offering five this semester. Two of them are new which means that if you take the course, you’ll be evaluating them for the first time! Help us spread the word!

Series Programming for the Elementary School Age*

  • “I think this course was well-run, and the requirements for reading, projects, and group feedback were reasonable and very helpful.”
  • “I thought the articles on series reading very useful. The completed project I did will be used for future programming at my library.”

The Caldecott Medal: Understanding Distinguished Art in Picture Books

  • “I knew nothing before taking this class and feel like I have learned much about art. I now look at picture books with delight and wonder and knowledge that I did not have previously.”
  • “I appreciate the affordable classes since I can not afford to attend conferences.”
  • “I really enjoyed this course and benefited professionally from it.”

Information Literacy*

  • “The teacher and students in the class were very insightful, helpful, and friendly.”
  • “I thought the discussion element of the course was very useful. I also found that doing the readings and pondering of concepts was very helpful for me to organize my thoughts about Info. Lit.”

ALSC Core Competencies: Serving Children with Distinction and Commitment

This is a new course; no reviews available

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Programs Made Easy*

This is a new course; no reviews available

* – This course is eligible for CEUs.

Registration is easy! Just visit the ALSC Online Course  section of the ALSC website to get registered. Don’t wait! Courses start Monday, January 14, 2013!

Detailed descriptions and registration information is available on the ALSC website at Fees are $115 for personal ALSC members; $165 for personal ALA members; and $185 for non-members. Questions? Please contact ALSC Program Officer Jenny Najduch at or 1-800-545-2433 ext. 4026.

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