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Where’s Dick?

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Here’s some Friday Fun … 

In the last session of ALSC Online courses, I took “The Caldecott Medal: Understanding Distinguished Art in Picture Books.”  K.T. Horning’s expertise, combined with that of knowledgeable class members, including an artist and several past Caldecott Committee members, made the class worthwhile and enjoyable.  I loved K.T.’s daily “Did You Know…” facts about Caldecott books, illustrators, banquets, and more.

I’ll share one of my favorites – get out your Caldecott books and see if you can hunt down this little gem of trivia!

  • Which Caldecott-winning book contains a likeness of a future president?
  •  Which future president appears in the book?
  • Where in the book does he appear?

I’ve given you a hint for each question within this post.  Feel free to chime in when you know any of the answers.  Have any fun Caldecott facts of your own?

 (If you were in the class, don’t give it away!)

** UPDATE **

No one’s found him yet?  Here’s another clue:



  1. Angie

    That looks like Richard Nixon who was president from 1968-72. So, maybe it’s a Caldecott winner from 67 or 66? But the styles of Sam, Bangs, and Moonshine (1967) and Always Room for One More (1966) don’t really match the clue. Hmmm…..

  2. Lisa

    It’s definitely a likeness of Richard Nixon, but this images really predates his presidency. Try going back further. Do “the garden” and pond in the photo look familiar?

  3. Monica

    I was just looking at this book this morning! Excuse me while I go look closer!

    And I was right! Heehee! I was so excited to visit this location last year with my family and brought the book along to read aloud–even though I was the youngest in the group! Now I want to know the story behind the picture!

  4. Lisa

    I visited there with my family also. The city is very proud of its Caldecott connection! As for Richard Nixon, I’m not positive as to why he was included in the book. As I recall from The Caldecott Medal class, the artist was struck by Nixon’s distinctive profile and tucked it away in his head to use at some time. I’ll send an email to K.T. and see if she has further details.

  5. Julie

    The book is Make Way for Ducklings, the 1942 Medal winner. Not sure why Richard Nixon would be in it but as the only President that could have the nickname “Dick” I’m guessing it is him. The picture above is definately of a family riding in a swan boat so I’m guessing it is from the part of the book where the ducks are in the Public Garden. Can you tell I live in Boston?!

  6. Lisa

    You’ve got it! And yes, I took the photo at the Public Garden. The swan boats are in the background.

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