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Manga Mania Sweeps Through Librari-Con

Librari-Con, our library’s annual anime mini-convention, features anime viewing, panels and forums.  With almost 900 participants at this year’s one day event, our central Headquarters Library was transformed into manga mania.

The Manga Lounge, also known as our Teen Area, offered a relaxing corner for attendees to flip through our collection of manga, graphic novels, and teen fiction.  Artist Alley, held in our large activity room, offered a venue for artists to feature original artwork available for purchase.  Attendees also bought anime, manga, and gaming books through our Friends of the Library Book Sale.

Attendees could participate in improv, sing karaoke, and learn the logistics of cosplay.  Customers attended sessions on learning how to draw manga, writing techniques, and publishing tips.  

We offered programs for younger children as well.  Our Children’s Department was transformed into Chibi Corner where young children could color and fold origami.  The Live Action Angry Birds & Craft session encouraged even our youngest participants to play this popular game and design a creative version of one of these characters to take home.

Here are additional highlights from our publicized schedule of events that brought in the crowds during Librari-Con.

Battle Royale vs. The Hunger Games led by Assistant Youth Services Coordinator Missy Lang – Discuss these extremely popular series with eerily similar concepts: children forced to fight to the death.  Which series does it better?  What is the fascination with this type of story?  Are they really that similar at all?  Let the debate continue.

Behind Vader’s Mask:  The Secret of Star Wars Costuming led by the Carolina Garrison of the 501st Legion of Stormtroopers — Learn the secrets of professional Star Wars costuming directly from the troopers of the 501st Legion — the world’s definitive Star Wars costuming organization and the preferred costuming organization of George Lucas!

Graphic Novels Your Kids Will Love led by Snow Wildsmith — Join Snow Wildsmith, author, librarian, and graphic novel reviewer from School Library Journal’s Good Comics for Kids Blog, as she talks about graphic novels — what they are, how they work, how to read them, and how to enjoy them with your kids and/or students. 

The Walking Dead: What Went Wrong led by The Zombie Squad of S.E. North Carolina — Have you watched The Walking Dead? Read the graphic novel? If so, then you’ve probably seen mistakes that were made by the characters and thought of better ways to do things.  Join a discussion about what to do and what not to do in a Zombie Apocalypse.

Who’s Haunting My Manga? led by Local and State History Manager Jennifer Daugherty — Do ghosts make frequent appearances in your manga?  Are characters always talking about their ancestors and family histories?  Ever wonder why? Come and find out what this has to do with Japanese culture.  You’ll even get the chance to find out about your own ancestors.

What did participants say about our convention?  Comments from our Librari-Con attendees convey the positive value of this programming.

“I had a lot of fun at Librari-Con. Everyone in the Artist Alley was super sweet, and the coordinators were awesome. It’s definitely a con I plan to come back to.”

“Had a blast trooping with my 501st Carolina Garrison Brothers and Sisters!!!!!!! Star Wars is the best!!!!”

“This con was great – can’t wait for next year.  Hopefully, I won’t be as bashful.”

“For me, this was about introducing a friend to anime, manga, cosplay, etc. She had fun, so mission successful!”

Our Librari-Con provided entertainment for all ages.  How do your library programs serve your customers interested in anime and manga?  Please share in the comments below!


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