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Not a Box

Apps are cool but boxes RULE!

What has been the surprise hit this summer at the Children’s Literature Department of the Los Angeles Public Library’s Central Library?

A box!

Children’s librarians painted 3 sides of a very large box with a dinosaur, an astronaut, and a rocket ship, all with holes cut in them so kids can get in the box, poke their faces through, and Dream Big.

Simple?  Yes!  Incredibly fun?  Heck yes!  Check out this gallery of dinosaurs and space explorers.

Even this mild-mannered librarian indulged her secret desire to be Big and Fierce.  Grr!


  1. Julie

    We did this first maybe 10 years ago and the kids (and parents) always love it! Some favorites were Thing 1 and Thing 2, an astronaut and one summer we had out some props to make a beach scene rather than a face hole board (if there is a real word for these I’d love to know what it is, we just call them Photo Ops) and even the custodians got in on that one posing on the prop surf board! This summr we have an explorer searching for a dinosaur with a huge T Rex peeking over his shoulder.

  2. Eva

    It’s great to see the adults having as much fun with this as the kids! Sometimes simple is best (and surely easier on the budget).

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