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To get a better understanding of how participants feel about ALSC online courses, the division routinely asks those indvidiauals to complete surveys once they’re finished with their courses. We always get well thought-out responses, and honestly, the majority are extremely positive. It serves the instructors well that we can share what people have to say. Here are some other things people had to say about the same ALSC online courses that will be offered this spring:

“I enjoyed doing my first online course. Lots of new ideas for me to try out in my community.”

“I now have many new ideas that I can use at my library. Thanks!!”

“The readings were very useful.”

“I think this course was well-run, and the requirements for reading, projects, and group feedback were reasonable and very helpful.”

“It has been an excellent course, and I’ve learned a great deal. I like the Moodle platform. I can’t think of anything to improve the course.”

Series Programming for the Elementary School Age
Four weeks, April 2 – April 27
Children love series books. Lots of libraries have one-shot series parties or events. This course expands on the one-shot idea and provides the tools necessary to establish series clubs at the library so that children will read and use the library more often. This book-based programming uses trivia, games, music and reading to make children come clamoring back to the library each week. Over the course of the month you will create a four-to-eight week program of your choice to share with the class. By the end of the class you will have programs ready to use with school aged children in your library.

The Sibert Medal: Evaluating Books of Information
Six weeks, April 2 – May 11
This online course will provide students with a deeper understanding the Robert F. Sibert Informational Book Medal and help them hone their critical skills in the evaluation of children’s nonfiction. Using past Sibert Medal books as models, students will learn to apply a set of specific criteria in order to evaluate books of information in terms of authority; organization; format and design; illustrations; writing style; and documentation.

Out of This World Youth Programming
Six weeks, April 2 – May 11
If you are like most children’s librarians, you are no doubt faced with the continual challenge of providing programs that are not only fun and appealing, but also highly informative and educational. How do I fit all age levels? What is age-appropriate? How do I make old materials fresh again? Where do I even begin? This course will provide innovative ideas and suggestions on how to plan, promote, execute and evaluate your programs to work for you and your patrons.

Information Literacy – From Preschool to High School
Six weeks, April 2 – May 11
Learn how to conduct information literacy instruction for all ages from preschool to elementary school to middle school and beyond. Participants will be encouraged to examine their local schools’ and state’s requirements pertaining to library skills, and to develop methods of using the library to complement those requirements. Participants will learn about examples of successful programs, appropriate skills for appropriate ages, creation and presentation of programs as well as marketing of those programs; also, participants will discuss ways that information literacy instruction can be a useful “outreach” tool to increase library and database usage and develop their own information literacy instruction program.

Detailed descriptions and registration information is available on the ALSC website. Fees are $95 for personal ALSC members; $145 for personal ALAmembers; and $165 for non-members. Questions? Please contact ALSC Program Officer Jenny Najduch at or 1 (800) 545-2433 ext. 4026.

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