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Chat With Your People

We’re two weeks past Midwinter Conference, and I am still energized by the many interactions I had with ALSC members.  A piece of advice I’ve given to students choosing their library specialty is to go to different groups’ events, look around at the people there, and ask themselves: “Are these my people?” I’m happy to say that ALSC members are my people!

I hope to hear from many of my people during the Community Forum on February 22, 10:00 a.m. — 11:00 a.m. Eastern. This is our second ALSC live chat. Our discussion topic, after time for Midwinter board updates and Q & A, is revitalizing the ALSC membership meeting.  ALSC’s by-laws currently require a  membership meeting at Annual Conference. Our Community Forum — and space on ALAConnect afterwards — will be a time frame for brainstorming about making our membership meeting more convenient and more valuable.

Please mark your calendar to join the Community Forum on 2/22 or read the transcript afterwards and comment.  We’ll send out specifics on how to connect to the Forum soon.

I’m looking forward to your ideas to make our association better!

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