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Resolutions and parties

Happy new year! The champagne is quaffed, the hors d’oeuvres consumed in large quantities, and it’s now time to get down to the serious business of . . . new year’s resolutions!

Are you a resolution-maker? I find that resolutions (goals) are useful tools to move me forward and help eradicate bad habits. (Although the bad habit resolutions somehow end up being renewed each year!).

If you make resolutions or set new year goals, I have some ideas to offer. I don’t know how you could eat more healthfully, fit in more exercise, or remember to clean out the litter box regularly. But I do have some ideas about how to make your 2012 work life more satisfying!

  1. Make work more fun. I believe that work should be fun, most days if not every day. Think about what makes work fun for you, and incorporate it. Dressing in costume for every holiday (especially obscure ones),  silly staff contests, a joke-of-the-day calendar on your desk — whatever makes you smile and gives you a chuckle will help you be more healthy and more effective at work.
  2. Communicate the value of the work you do to someone, every day. In an email, in a news release, in a blog post, in conversation with a parent or a supervisor or a colleague in another department. Toot our work’s horn!
  3. Reframe your job as that of “relationship builder” and think about how you might do it better. Jenna Nemec’s excellent article on “Born to Read” in Winter 2011’s Children and Libraries offers a model.

You can start on these resolutions at the Midwinter Conference by attending a party. WHAT? Really.  The AASL/ALSC/YALSA Membership Reception at Midwinter Conference is a prime opportunity to have fun while working, provides a chance to communicate the value of what we do, and allows us to practice relationship building. It’s a lively eating/drinking/networking event where a lot of early-career and prospective members can meet other members. And for those of us regulars, it’s a nice opportunity for some relaxing moments to talk and laugh with our conference friends and dish about the award winners announced that morning.

The reception is happening on Monday, January 23 beginning at 6:00 the Century Ballroom at the Adolphus Hotel. Please come! And since I’m always on the lookout for new ideas, seek me out and tell me how you make your work more fun. Hope to see you soon!

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