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Hello New Year!

Hello 2012! This may be the first work day of the new year for many people, so Happy New Year to all. Let’s say “hello” to the new year with books that are about saying hello, greeting people, etc. I use these books to kick off my fall story time sessions:

Hello Toes, Hello Feet by Ann Whitford Paul

Feet are such marvelous things. Why, you can skip with them, stomp with them, and do all sorts of fun things throughout the day, thanks to toes and feet. This brightly illustrated look at the daily adventures of a young girl and her dog will appeal to your youngest story time patrons.

Hi! by Ann Herbert Scott

This was a staple of my “community workers” story time before I included it in my “Hello” story time; it’s been a favorite for some time. Like many young children, Margarita greets everyone with a cherry “Hello!” Unfortunately, the people at the post office are either too rushed, chatting with another friend, or burdened with so many packages that they can’t see or respond. Margarita’s hellos become less spirited while she and her mother wait in line at the post office, until she quietly greets the kind postal clerk. It’s multicultural and universal–what child doesn’t know about being ignored, and what that feels like?

Hi, Harry! by Martin Waddell

Hi, Harry! is an ode to the delights of friendship, comraderie, and appreciating the slow life. Harry wants to play, yet everyone is just too busy and rushed to play with a slow-moving tortoise. A rock and a mushroom don’t provide much companionship, either. Finally, Harry meets another animal who lives life in the slow lane. This is a story that even your youngest patrons will understand and enjoy.

Do you have a title that would work for a “Hello” story time? Let us know in the comments!




  1. Abby

    Haha, this one wouldn’t make sense until the very end of the book, but what about BARK GEORGE by Jules Feiffer? 😀

  2. Jennifer Schultz

    Abby, I like the way you think.

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