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Be a Reviewer!

Do you enjoy reading and writing? Do you like to analyze what makes a book great or not so? Do you get a kick out of seeing your name in print? Consider volunteering to be a book reviewer!

From School Library Journal, March 2011

I’ve been reviewing books for various journals for almost ten years now and I would highly recommend it to any librarian looking to exercise her/his professional muscles and have something impressive to put on her/his resume. Besides all of that, it is always a treat to get a package of books in the mail. Reviewing is fun, challenging and thought provoking. It is a nice way to give something back to the profession. I take my review work seriously, realizing that there are librarians out there with tiny budgets who are trusting me to help them select appropriate materials for their communities. If you are interested in being a volunteer reviewer you can find more information at: School Library Journal or VOYA. If you would like a little guidance crafting your sample reviews refer to Kathleen Horning’s From Cover to Cover: Evaluation and Reviewing Children’s Books. Enjoy!

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