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Storytime Resource: Flannel Friday

One my absolute favorite things about the invention of Twitter is sharing ideas with librarians all across the country and globe. It was through Twitter that I discovered a group of children’s librarians sharing flannelboard ideas on Fridays.

Flannel Friday was started by Melissa of Mel’s Desk, and gained popularity quickly! To participate, all you need is a flannelboard idea or creation.

Even if you don’t have anything to contribute, you can gain valuable ideas just by looking through the past blog posts. Anne from So Tomorrow keeps an archive of the posts, and a lot of the ideas have been pinned on Pinterest if you’re more a visual person. (Like me!)

I have found so many new ideas, enough to keep me busy all year long!

Do you have some favorite stories that you’ve flannelized?

– Katie Salo
Youth Services Manager
Melrose Park Library


  1. Melissa ZD

    Katie, thanks for the shoutout! It has been so fun to be a part of Flannel Friday, and complete proof of the exponential benefits of collaboration! I help create sets of storytime materials that circulate to staff at my library, and Flannel Friday has given me so many fresh ideas to add to them, way more than I could have brainstormed on my own. It benefits the 40 storytime providers at my library, and benefits the hundreds of families we serve in storytime every week. Win-win!

  2. Evan

    Hooray for Flannel Friday! I lovelovelove the idea and have used it often. In fact, Katie, I’m making both Mouse Paint AND Harold and the Purple Crayon right now for my October Story Time. Thanks for making these things available on the Web!

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