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Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Can you make a happy face? How about a sad face or a scary face? Kids at the Lexington Park Library are making faces when they visit the library, all thanks to our new activity!

The Circulation desk is a place where I noticed some problems with children. Children would throw temper tantrums; run out into the lobby and even try to climb the desk all while the parents were distracted with the process of checking out. I added “Mirror Mirror” to give children an interactive experience at the Circulation desk. For this activity I put three peel and stick mirrors (safe, sticker mirrors that are removable and easy to clean) on the front of the desk each with an emotion and an example of a face next to it. The object is that the children will mimic what they see and make a face for that emotion in the mirror. The emotions are changed out every 3-4 weeks.

The children have really enjoyed mirroring the pictures and making up new faces too. They are engrossed with the mirrors and often don’t want to leave! I have even seen parents stoop down and make the faces too and talk with their child about the emotion and faces they make.

This activity is simple, doesn’t require a lot of space and is interactive!


  1. Katie Nicholson

    Hi Amanda,
    I saw you present at PLA and have been following your blog entries every since then. I have implemented some of your ideas including Mirror Mirror. But I have run into a problem with children breading the mirrors by pulling them off the endcap where they are held up with magnets on the back. I purchased small, decorative, plastic framed mirrors at Walmart.
    Where did you buy your frameless mirrors?

    Thank you,

  2. Amanda Ellington

    I bought non breakable mirrors from. They have been in use for over a year now and are still in great shape!

  3. Dan Rude

    Non-breakable mirrors? Those exist!? Man, we are totally living in the future.

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