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We get letters. Lovely letters.

One of the best things about being a front line children’s librarian are the letters and drawings we receive. It is so heartwarming to receive a thank you letter in the mail from a class after a storytime or tour signed by all the kids in the class:
Or to find an unsolicited love letter to the Library left by a child:
Or a note from a parent who visited with their young children:
Or a more philosophical look at libraries from a young person who recognizes some of the most important things in life:
Or a thank you letter complete with portrait:
These are so very heart-warming and can serve as much needed reminders that our work — and our libraries — are much appreciated and well-loved.

Do you have favorite letters or pictures you’ve received at your Library that you’ve saved? We’d love to hear about them!


  1. Jennifer

    I visited a high school child development class to talk about introducing young children to reading…the teens just stared at me, no matter what I did. I lugged my bags back to the library, wondering if maybe I should have brought candy or balanced fruit on my head. The next day, I got a letter from all the kids. More than half of them had written little comments about how much they loved my talk and how funny I was and how they were going to use the things I said with their kids (hopefully future although that wasn’t specified). I visit those classes every year now and I always wait eagerly for “my letter” afterwards to find out how I did.

    1. Mary Voors

      Jennifer, I LOVE your note! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Carolyn Starkey

    Although I am now a high school librarian, I have many lovely letters from my primary school librarian days. I still pull them out to reread when I need to put the education world into perspective–they remind me why I do what I do.

  3. Anne Heidemann

    We just got a whole packet of great letters from a group for whom we provided a program:

    They’re so sweet! Who wouldn’t want to be called “the best lidbraireayen”?

    1. Mary Voors Post author

      These are marvelous. Thanks for sharing!

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