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One of the things that I like best about being a school librarian is that every year is different. Just when I think I have the perfect curricular match, or an activity that hits it out of the park each and every time, changes occur. There could be new teachers coming in; curriculum might change; or as with this year, technology may need to work its way into my lessons in new ways across new platforms.

I am exploring ways to integrate i-Pads and Kindles into the upper elementary classrooms in ways that may developmental sense for 8 through 10 year olds. We all know that simply placing new devices in the classrooms is not going to help anything. As librarians, we are looking to provide classroom teachers with apps and activities that will enhance their curricula and add depth to student work.

This summer I am super grateful for social networking. Partly because it’s nice to not have to reinvent the wheel each time something new comes up, but also because so many folks are working on the same type of projects. Quick keyword searches on twitter and google led me to many resources that I can mine in order to tweak my curriculum for the 2011-2012 school year. Some of the resources that I have found particularly helpful are:

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning
This blog written by Michael Gorman is “devoted to educators intent on infusing technology and 21st century education into the classroom.”

Technology Tidbits: Thoughts of a Cyber Hero
David Kapuler provides what my profs in Library School used to call “quick and dirty” breakdowns of technology resources that are helpful in school and library environments.

I also follow the #edtech conversations on twitter whenever I get a chance.

All of these small steps help me fine tune my practice as a school librarian.

Are you a librarian who is changing practice to integrate technology into your classroom/library? Please take a moment to share the resources that you find helpful!

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  1. Deb Marshall

    Working in a very small town library that is just now stepping into the world of social media. Much to learn in terms of how to use it best. Also, much to look at in terms of resources for our patrons. Thanks for sharing your links and insight.

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