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“How Do I Get Involved in ALSC?”

As the Membership Specialist for ALSC, I get this question a lot:

“I loved Annual Conference, but I’d like to be more involved in ALSC. How do I do that?”

Great question, thanks for asking!

The first step is to find the right committee for you. If you’re a member of ALSC, you may want to check out the ALSC website, which has a list of committees by priority group. Pick a committee that matches your interests.

Like putting together book lists? Join the Quicklists Consulting Committee.

Interested in helping identify talented new librarians? Join the ALSC Scholarship Committee.

But maybe you’re not a “read off of websites” kind of person. No problem. There’s also this full-color, PDF version called ALSC Committees: A Guide to Participation available for download (458 KB).

Once you’ve looked through the potential committees, it’s time to fill out your Committee Volunteer Form (Word document). Fill this out and email it to

And finito! Well…not quite. After a few weeks, you can expect an email from your chair notifying you to which committee you’ve been assigned. Remember that some of the committees are harder to get on than others. You might not always get the committee you want, which is one reason you are encouraged to check the “wherever I’m needed” box.

Regardless of what committee you get, you can expect a few things: 1) you’ll learn a lot, 2) you’ll meet a lot of energetic fellow members, and 3) you’ll have a great time. So get going and join a committee soon!

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