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Recently you may have noticed more activity on this blog. We have a dynamic group of ALSC bloggers who are each posting regularly, normally once a month. We’ve also built in the opportunity for other interested blog readers and people interested in the field of Children’s Librarianship to post as “Guest Contributors.”

Here’s a sampling of posts by guest bloggers from the last month:

  • In the post ABCs of Inclusive Youth Programming,  Renee Grassi — a Youth Services librarian at the Deerfield Public Library in Deerfield, Illinois — wrote about including children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in library programs and the opportunities we all have to be inclusive and welcoming.
  • Christie Gibrich, a Senior Librarian at Bowles Life Center Branch Library in Grand Prairie, Texas and a Rainbow Project Committee Member shared information with us about Rainbow Books, the annual bibliography of the ALA’s GLBT-RT/SRRT joint project, The Rainbow Project.
  • For everyone interested in learning about how a Mock Newbery happens, check out In the Beginning There Was an Internship. In this post, guest blogger Kathy Burnette, a school librarian from Discovery Middle School in Indiana where she moderates The Brain Lair, details how she started her very popular Mock Newbery blog and program.
  • Uncertain Times Won’t Bring This Future Librarian Down was a post so positive and enthusiastic that it couldn’t help but make me smile. Library School student Stephanie Espinoza, who is also a Youth Services Specialist at the Green Valley Library in Henderson, Nevada, wrote this timely piece.

And now it’s YOUR turn! What would you like to contribute? What do you think other readers would enjoy or learn from? If you’d like to write a guest post for the ALSC Blog, please contact Mary Voors, ALSC Blog manager, at

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