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Moving out of the Coal Cellar

Picture this: your local library is located in the basement of the Town Hall. It was once used as the coal cellar. Yes, it is a dark space, with little natural light. Sometimes the faint odor of mold greets you at the door. To get in, you go down steep, dark stairs. The space is small, the carpet is old, and the walls are paneled in fake wood that reminds you of the Brady Bunch. For ten years, the Friends of the Library have been raising funds and working to get a new library for our town, and finally, it has happened. Helping create this new library open in our community has been such a pleasure. It is now above ground, wheelchair accessible, includes a washroom with a changing table, has lots of light, window seats with cushions, a meeting room for programs, a small teen area, and a lovely little children’s area. The walls are painted a cheery yellow (but not so bright you think of eggs). On opening day, I took life-size stand-ups of Ron Weasley and Dumbledore over to the branch and handed out chocolate to kids and teens (and some adults, as well) who checked out books. How exciting it was to see the library brimming with young people, curled in the window seats, winter boots off, soaking up sun, book in hand. Teens stopped in to take their photos with Harry Potter characters, and found a space that welcomes them. How nice to see our small community embrace their new library with open arms and squeals of delight! A new library is always cause for celebration, but this one is in my community, and I’m right proud of it.

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