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Did YOU Feel the Love?

Did you feel the love this past week? It was National Library Week and it seemed like every time I turned on my computer/TV, or picked up a newspaper/magazine, I saw more pieces celebrating libraries and librarians. I gotta tell you, it was fun to see so many folks so enthusiastic about one of my favorite places!

Here are four of the pieces I really enjoyed from National Library Week 2011:

  • The American Library Association created a video for YouTube called “National Library Week 2011: What Isn’t Great About Libraries?”

“The point I’m trying to make is that as a pop-culture-adjacent person, you may think that public libraries are not particularly relevant to you. But I felt like since we’ve talked about movie pricing, e-book pricing, and a lot of other business models, it was only fair to bring to your attention my experience with this bizarre business model that’s so crazy it just might work.

  • We’ve all heard of flash mobs, and have probably all watched some on YouTube, but have you ever heard of a flash freeze mob?  Check out this celebration of National Library Week which occurred in a shopping mall in Massachusetts:

Hope your National Library Week celebrations were excellent! Feel free to share any special activities you offered in the comments below.

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