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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!   2011 is now upon us.  This is a great time to reflect on what went well at your library in the past year, as well as what improvements, enhancements and changes you might make at your library in 2011.  This can seem like an overwhelming process, but it can be fun! Look at your storytimes, your programs, your collection development, your reference work…. think of the number of people who were and continue to be positively impacted by your work.

As you think about the accomplishments of the past year and your dreams for 2011, don’t forget to ponder the ways advances in technology are changing books, readers, and libraries. Social media, ebooks, blogs, smart phones, and more have infiltrated our world and are changing the ways many people communicate and read books, but the importance of libraries has not changed. Kids (and their grown-ups) still need libraries… even as technological changes have  impacted both your library and your work.

What did your library do well in the past year? What do you hope to accomplish in 2011?  We hope you share your thoughts through the comments on this blog.  If you’d like to write an entire blog post on this topic, email us at, we’re always looking for new contributors!

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