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Library LEGO Club

Does your library have a LEGO Club? Lots of public libraries do. Abbe Klebanoff, children’s librarian at Radnor Memorial Library in Wayne, PA, wrote about her library’s LEGO Club in an informative 7/01/2009 School Library Journal article.
Tips for Starting a LEGO Club include

  • Establish Ground Rules.
  • Have a Theme.
  • Show and Tell.
  • Clean Up as a Group.

My five-year-old and I will attend our library‘s LEGO Club on August 17. I’ll tell you how it goes. In the meantime, please share your thoughts about or experiences of having one at your library.

Teresa Walls


  1. Teresa Walls Post author

    Yeah, so it’s August 17, and my kid has a bad cold. Figures.

    Consequently, we’ll pass on LEGO club this month and hope to be healthy enough to attend the next meeting.

  2. Kara Cervelli

    Our library has just started a monthly LEGO club and it has been a huge success. We were able to purchase LEGOs on ebay in bulk at very good prices. We have 2 hours of open building time and the kids range from age 3 to 14. We have parents and grandparents that stay and build too.

    If you have any questions feel free to contact me at the library Photos are available on our facebook page.

  3. Darbie Chocker

    I am looking to start a Lego Club at our library, however Legos are so expensive! Are there any grants out there that I could look in to, to help us get funding for this program?

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