Institute 2010

Taming the Wild West: Friends in Minutes!

A little nudge for those of you contemplating attending ALSC Institute in Atlanta!

Just want to say that the connections and friendships formed at an ALSC program are real and long lasting.  I presented at the Institute in Salt Lake City in 2008. That was two years ago…but just last month I received a request from an attendee who now serves on her State Commission for Libraries.  She needed permission to post handouts from the Institute on her monthly newsletter.

The verbalization and exchange of ideas “in person” is invaluable.  It takes the palatable energy and buzz of a room full of people who love kids, children’s literature and children’s programming to make things happen! 

My favorite thing? It was especially fun to sit down to a table full of complete strangers and  immediately start talking (and laughing).   We had so much in common…we  seriously could become best friends in just a matter of minutes!

Carla Morris
Children’s Services Manager
Provo City Library
Provo, Utah

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