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National Poetry Month

For the school librarian, April is a busy month!  Not only is Spring Break officially a thing of the past, but April ushers in all things poetry.  It is a month where the reference questions are bound to contain requests for obscure poems that teachers and students remember fondly, but cannot remember where they heard them in the first place! 

I enjoy steering students and teachers alike to new poetry.  We put new 811s on display and encourage the students to be thinking about all kinds of poetry.  One of the resources that I am so happy to steer folks to, is Gregory K’s 30 Poets in 30 Days project.  Now in its second year, Greg’s GottaBook blog hosts 30 published poets posting 30 previously unpublished poems.  In the classroom, this spins off into students trying to write a poem a day for the month and beyond!

Spread the love of poetry!

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  1. Gregory K.

    Thanks for the 30 Poets/30 Days linkage, Stacy. Much appreciated! I also learned today that April is Grilled Cheese Month. Do with that what you will….

    Spread the love of poetry, indeed!

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