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The ALSC/BWI Summer Reading Program Grant, a Story

Once upon a time in the fall of 2008, a Head of Children’s Services saw that there was a grant to fund a summer reading program. She looked at the requirements and the previous winner’s information. In her mind, she didn’t have a chance of getting the grant. Then a copy of the grant application appeared in her office with the message, “Aren’t you an ALSC member?” scrawled on it. Clearly this was a sign that she was supposed to do something! She planned, she hunted, and she planned some more. By the time the librarian got everything together, she was really attached to her proposal. It was her dream summer reading program, but she was also kind of sad. The librarian knew if she didn’t win the grant, she would never be able to implement it as she wrote it. Her library couldn’t afford the program she designed. Nevertheless, she submitted her application. January came and the librarian received an astounding phone call. She had won the grant! Her dream summer reading program would be a reality!

Summer reading was the most fun ever! The programs were never so well attended. The kids were excited, and parents lied about the ages of their kids trying to get them into programs! Everyone on staff was caught up in the thrill of providing a high quality summer program for the kids. And most importantly everyone at the Madison Public Library in
Madison, Ohio lived happily ever remembering their fantastic summer!

Melanie A. Lyttle
Head of Children’s Services
Madison, Ohio

Applications for the 2010 BWI Summer Reading Program Grant are DUE Dec. 1.  Visit the ALSC Web site for more information on giving YOUR library their dream summer reading program!

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