Morris Seminar

Morris Seminar Reflections: What’s not to like?

Don’t hesitate–start working on that Morris Seminar application right now (or as soon as you finish reading the ALSC blog). When I read the announcement about the inaugural seminar two years ago I knew immediately that I wanted to take part. A wide-ranging list of books to discuss? Meeting other librarians in a small group setting? Getting to soak up advice from ALSC leaders? What’s not to like? A bonus was that my boss was impressed by the whole application process and stipend. It’s always a good thing for your boss to think you are spending time away from work in a worth-while fashion.

The day was terrific. I met great people. The discussion was well-informed, and even when people disagreed, they did so in a positive manner. It was exciting to have the chance to share my opinions and to learn from the perspectives of others.

Call me naí¯ve, but I did not understand at that point that ALSC was cultivating potential book award committee members. Only after other Morris-friends starting sharing news of their appointments did the light start to come on. I am thrilled to be a member of the 2010 Caldecott committee and am doing my best to put all my Morris lessons to good use.So, if you are wavering at all, go on and fill out that application. If your seminar experience is anything like mine was, you won’t be sorry.

Lucinda Whitehurst
St. Christopher’s School
Richmond, Virginia

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