Morris Seminar

Morris Seminar Reflections: Great Friendships with Like Minded and Outstanding Librarians

I was so excited when I heard that ALSC was going to host the first Bill Morris Seminar.  I couldn’t wait to apply.  The thought of spending time learning about evaluating library materials with people from all over the country was very appealing to me.  I knew the seminar would help me in my every day job of selecting materials for my library.  I also knew that it would help me to achieve some of my goals to join some incredibly fun book award committees.  I was so happy that my application was selected and I was invited to attend.

I eagerly anticipated the day of the Bill Morris Seminar.  I knew just from the reading list that it was going to be a fun day with some great book discussion.  I was prepared with books, notes and a head full of thoughts.  I loved hearing from the ALSC President and from K.T. Horning.  I also enjoyed breaking into groups to discuss the books we read prior to seminar day with group facilitators who had chaired and served on many ALSC Award Committees.

The information and skills that I gained through the Bill Morris Seminar have been a big help with my work as a Children’s Librarian.  I use the book evaluation skills every day to select materials for my library.  I have also used my knowledge at several mock award events in the Kansas City area and with local book discussion groups.  I have since served on some Missouri State Book Award Committees and I am just waiting for my call from the Notables Committee *wink*.  In addition to learning about evaluation materials one of the most important things that I got out of attending the Bill Morris Seminar was some great friendships with some like minded and outstanding librarians.  It is wonderful to have a great network of colleagues all over the country and I still exchange book reviews and get suggestions from some of the great friends that I met that day.

I would encourage anyone interested in books, children and reading to apply for the 2010 Bill Morris Seminar.  It was an amazing opportunity that is still paying off for me today!

April Roy
Plaza Kid’s Corner
Kansas City, MO

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