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Share a Story – Shape a Future – a literacy blog event

Share a story - shape a future

During the week of March 9 – 13, please come visit Share a Story – Shape a Future.  Each day, a different blog host will feature links to blog posts on a variety of topics having to do with children and literacy.  Here is the schedule as of today, but please check the event blog for updated information, as the event is growing by the day.

Day 1 – March 9: Raising Readers
hosted by Terry Doherty at Scrub-a-Dub-Tub, the Reading Tub blog

Day 2 – March 10: Selecting Reading Material
hosted by Sarah Mulhern at The Reading Zone

Day 3 – March 11: Reading Aloud – It’s Fun, It’s Easy
hosted by Susan Stephenson at the Book Chook blog

Day 4 – March 12: A Visit to the Library
hosted by Eva Mitnick at Eva’s Book Addiction blog

Day 5 – March 13: Technology and Reading – What the Future Holds
is hosted by Elizabeth O. Dulemba at

There will be plenty of giveaways, contests, and links to cool stuff, and most of all – inspiring and insightful posts by children’s literature bloggers.  Guests will be invited to share their own knowledge and love of reading as well.  Please tell parents and teachers and fellow children’s librarians about this blog event.  See you then!

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