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Goodnight, Opus!

Opus, the penguin from Berkeley Breathed’s comic strip Bloom County, says farewell forever with a shout-out to a favorite children’s book. While most of the comic is in today’s papers, check out the final panel for the strip at While I love the comic strip and Opus’ foibles, I also love that Breathed seems to understand that books can help calm our anxieties.


  1. Kiera Parrott

    I’m sad to see Opus go. According to Gawker (via Salon), it’s because of all the snark in the world ( Sigh.

  2. A O'Mara

    Please don’t let Opus die without knowing how much we love him.
    Let us know he left in peace and joy. And thank you for promoting the Humane Society of the US.

  3. Gregory Yarde

    I’ve been trying to see the final strip for 13 years. The bloody Chicago Tribune never delivered my issue & the historical paper was stolen

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