Call to Action

Get Involved

The leadership of our organization has been working on our strategic plan . Please take the time to read it, or reread it. The plan includes the “Vivid Description of the Desired Future” which states:

  • The Members are actively involved in the association and feel a part of the ALSC community.
  • Members are actively recruiting other members.
  • Through the association, members have grown in their knowledge and leadership skills in order to reach their full potential.
  • Members are actively engaged in providing excellent services to children.
  • Association members are politically active.

Get involved. Be active on our listserv, on our Wiki, on our blog. Share your successes, your struggles, your concerns as you strive for excellence in library service to children. Volunteer to join a committee if you haven’t already. Many of the committees have a virtual element, so travel limitations no longer limit your participation. You may be surprised at how much you’ll get back in return.

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