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Old books

If you love old books, there’s a good reason to visit the University of Florida. At the George A. Smathers Library you’ll find the Baldwin Library of Historical Children’s Literature. With over 100,000 items, including approximately 3500 published in North America and Great Britain before 1823, this a truly a treasure trove of children’s books. And the best part? Anyone can visit and examine these books. By the way you’ll, feel like you are in a Harry Potter book when you enter the Grand Reading Room.

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Little Red and Wolf

A little over five years ago, I started making a felt board version of Little Red Riding Hood. I headed to the Internet to find a couple of different versions, so I could decide which figures I would use and how I would tell the story.  I found this Italian version, and was completely sidetracked. That felt story is still unfinished. But my fascination with this old tale was renewed, and I started dreaming about doing an in-depth study of Little Red.