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Storytime Safety Plans and Other Things I Didn’t Learn in Library School

In library school, I took a lot of children’s classes. A class about evaluating children’s literature. A class about planning programs. Even a class devoted entirely to storytelling. But there are some things I never learned in school. I never learned how to make safety plans to escort a performer out of a library event turned threatening. I never learned how to respond to online accusations about the supposed predatory nature of LGBTQIA+ books. As book challenges sky-rocket and board meetings become hostile, what does it look like for new library staff to be well-prepared for the profession?

ALA Midwinter 2020

Okay, ALSC, We Did It #ALAMW20

Okay, ALSC, we did it. Got here, that is. And live-blogged. Which is pretty hard to do when you’ve got Conference brain and Baby brain, and you flew direct to Philadelphia from a family trip to Mexico with a newborn baby. That’s right! We’ll be live blogging (with bad grammar and rushed, incomplete sentences) with visits from my 6 month year old baby. Is ALA conference going possible with a baby? We shall see. So we did it. Daddy is back at the Philadelphia 201 with baby Hunter now. Our flight landed late last night. We connected in Denver. The second flight was harder because the baby cried. I felt bad about forcing the pacifier on him, but it was hard to get comfortable for nursing and he tended to be too worked up or stimulated to latch. So the second flight we were thattt family, but the first flight…