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Volunteer for an ALA Council or Committee Post

Volunteer for ALA Council or an ALA Committee

It’s true, we need you in ALSC, but we also need ALSC members to serve on ALA Committees and Council. James (Jim) G. Neal, American Library Association (ALA) president-elect, recently issued a call encouraging members to volunteer to serve on ALA, Council, and joint committees for the 2017-2018 term (terms start on July 1, 2017). Serving on these committees provides members with important leadership training and networking, as well as the opportunity to contribute to what is commonly internally referred to as “Big ALA.” Jenna Nemec-Loise, ALSC’s member content editor for Everyday Advocacy, said recently of her experience on the ALA Committee on Legislation: “I can attest to the transformative experience I had. I learned so much more about ALA governance and how working closely with colleagues from other ALA divisions can both shape and bolster my advocacy efforts” There are many committees that need volunteers, from Awards to Diversity;…

ALA Annual 2016

So you think you want to volunteer for YALSA…

If you think YALSA as opposed to ALA is a softer option for volunteering your professional, think again!  These people are dedicated.  Youth services is a calling and so is throwing your hat in the proverbial ring.  It’s a ring not of doom, but a multi-ring circus, and your committee chair is the ringmaster. But wait!  Don’t walk away yet!  There is hope for the more casual contributor.  And indeed some of the smaller, less time-consuming contributions may in fact lead to bigger and better things.

ALA Midwinter 2016

ALSC Process & Program Committees May Not Be Glamorous on Monday Morning, but are Super Worthwhile #alamw16

Everyone knows about ALSC committees like Newbery & Caldecott, but there is a galaxy of other committees full of dedicated librarians that make ALSC tick and support us all in our work. Serving on a process committee like Membership, Grants Administration, or Organization and Bylaws provides opportunities to build relationships with other librarians, while also building leadership skills, looking at ALSC: The Big Picture, and guiding how ALSC operates and serves us all. Not all of these groups require attending a conference, there are virtual committees too. These can be really excellent for finding mentors and building a librarian community if you’re feeling isolated. Check out the roster of opportuntities on the ALSC Committees page & fill out your volunteer form today!  Join us!