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Can Babies Benefit from Virtual Storytime?

The virtual storytimes I have been holding for toddlers and preschoolers have been more successful than I had hoped…or feared.  Children have been much more engaged and responsive via Zoom than I believed they would.  They dance along to the songs.  They join in on fingerplays.  And they have a lot to say at the end of storytime when we say “hello” to each participant.  However, the question remained…what to do with babies?  I’ve been experimenting and would like to share some thoughts.

Competencies for Librarians Serving Children in Public Libraries

5 Tips for Filming Virtual Storytime

Programming librarians everywhere have added yet another hat to their already extensive collection: the video producer’s hat. Since storytime has moved online for many communities in the United States, we find ourselves having to consider production value alongside the usual preparations. Whether you are filming at home or in the library, pre-recording or live streaming – here are five tips to consider while preparing to film your program:

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Pausing to Talk About Copyright and Virtual Storytimes

Play and Pause Button

(This is an excerpt from the forthcoming ALSC Virtual Storytime Services Guide) While it is generally considered fair use to share copyrighted stories and songs for library programs held in-house and for outreach programming, these implied permissions change when library programs go online. When using print or music resources in virtual storytime, it is critical to obtain permission from publishers or artists first (unless using original work or materials from the public domain). It is equally important to credit the publisher/artist appropriately. Publishers, authors who hold sole publishing rights, and music creators understand the difficult circumstances during the current COVID-19 crisis. Many have released temporary, widespread and limited permissions to use materials in virtual storytimes. These permissions vary widely and often come with requests to avoid specific platforms, remove videos after a certain time frame, and use specific verbiage to credit the copyright holders. Remember, these permissions are temporary! Be…

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We’re Here for You ALSC Members

Dear ALSC Members and Friends, I’m thinking of you today and every day and wondering how you are doing and hoping that you, your family and friends are safe and healthy. It seems so long since I last communicated.  So much has changed, yet it seems in some ways we are in the same place.  An online news commentator a few days ago said that March was the longest year we had ever had in a month.  I’m sure it seems that way for many of you as well.