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Time Management: Practice Strategic Underachievement

Do you nurture your work self by experimenting with new ways to meet the library’s mission? Are you known for your clever new programs? If so, like most youth services folks, you’re an idea person. We like variety. We stay current on kid trends. We keep it fresh. There’s a downside to being an idea person, though: the alluring possibilities always exceed the time to try them. “There are never enough hours to get everything done,” we might bemoan to coworkers. We feel caught between what we need to do – like scheduling – and what we want to do: projects that move the library closer to our youth services vision. This dissonance may cause us to feel perpetually behind. Or to struggle with uncertainty about whether we’re doing the “right” things. Each diminishes our energy and equilibrium, and affects our job satisfaction. What’s to be done? Let me tell…

Administrative and Management Skills

From Mess and Stress into Success

I’m a color-coder. I dabble in bullet journaling, and the office supply section of any store is my favorite place to window shop. I’ve always been a tidy person–until I became a children’s librarian. As I write this, I am surrounded by piles of books, egg shakers, weeding reports and a few hula hoops. Sometimes I do programs where I am surrounded in actual garbage.