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The Constantly Evolving Role of the School Librarian

Rows of bookcases in a library

Over the past twenty years, perhaps no position in education has transformed more than the school librarian. I spoke with two veteran school librarians to get a better idea just how much their jobs have evolved: Dr. Andrea Ange is a veteran librarian and web master at Campbell High School in Litchfield, NH. Marifran DeMaine is a high school librarian in Putnam Valley, NY with additional experience working in public, elementary, and middle school libraries. Andrea and Marifran were gracious enough to share the ways in which their positions have allowed them to support teachers and students in this ever-changing educational landscape. Through our conversations, it became abundantly clear just how vital school librarians are and will continue to be to education in the 21st century. Librarians are Teachers School librarians are teachers, first and foremost. After all, no one gets a library science degree just to organize a card…