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Two Simple Tricks for Reader’s Advisory

I live and breathe children’s books as a Children’s Librarian. I host a family book club, I coordinate our school district’s Battle of the Books, I place monthly book orders, and I read children’s books in my free time because I enjoy them. None of this literary knowledge populates in my brain when a patron asks me for help finding a book that they might enjoy reading. When I’m working on the children’s desk or walking the shelves, I wait in nail biting anticipation for this question because I’m afraid that I won’t have the perfect title to suggest and that it will make it look like I don’t know how to do my job. I care about reader’s advisory because it is an artful skill that’s essential for fostering a lifelong love of reading and promoting curiosity. Reader’s Advisory is not only about being well-read, it’s also about knowing…

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Reading More Children’s Books

So many books, so little time! As a youth librarian doing tons of reader advisory, I want to read more of the books in our collection. Librarians know what is popular with kids, but avid readers have already read all of those. I want to be able to recommend books to everyone who comes in and I feel like I need to read more children’s books to successfully do that. I started this journey by reading some physical copies and listening to some audiobooks. Peeking through the new books and reading their summaries and their professional reviews is a great place to start. Reading a few chapters and diving into the stories we purchase for our patrons is even more helpful. I don’t do all of the ordering for our library system and don’t always know what books are coming in. If a child asks for a book about magic,…

- ALA Annual Conference 2022

TikTok and Libraries: A Powerful Partnership…was a Powerful Presentation!

Monday was my last day at #ALAAC2022, and I started it with a really informative presentation about using TikTok in your library. When the pandemic first started, I created a TikTok account but never used it.  (I am not sure I even remember my login information.)  Delving into a new social media platform can sometimes be daunting, so, I was really excited to attend TikTok and Libraries: A Powerful Partnership and to learn how to use TikTok to promote books and my library.  Presentations about TikTok seem to be just as popular as the social media platform itself—it was a packed house in the Convention Center!

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Ready to Recommend: Brushing Up on Readers’ Advisory

As summer approaches, it’s time to ramp up our readers’ advisory skills for the onslaught of summer reading.  (Hopefully) Coming out of the pandemic, avoiding the summer slide will be more important than ever, and more kids may be struggling with reading thanks to disrupted schooling.  How do we make sure we get the right books into the hands of students?

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Best Books of the Year: Gotta Recommend Them All

The end of the year is when all the various “best of,” lists come out and as a librarian it is overwhelming to keep up with everything. I find that my holds list gets obnoxiously long as I frantically try to read ALL THE BOOKS I missed. I like looking at various library’s “best of” lists like Chicago Public Library’s “Kids Best of the Best Books,” or Evanston Public Library’s 101 Great Books for Kids I prefer to refer my family, friends and patrons to library or review journal recommended lists (like School Library Journal’s Best Books of 2021) I find these can be helpful to introduce new titles for people who might revert to their childhood favorites or another series title. I also love to see what wins Mock competitions at various libraries. Another fun favorite to look at is Betsy Bird’s 31 Days of Lists where she features…

Blogger Emily Mroczek-Bayci

Advanced Readers Advisory: Comfort Youth Librarianship

During uncertain times that never stop being uncertain, I find myself wanting to curl up in the “comfort portions” of children’s librarianship. One of the aspects of my job that has not been altered drastically by COVID-19 is readers advisory and my speciality: advanced readers advisory. The kids are still reading, reading and reading. The kids are still coming in thinking they have read every book in the library and it is still my job to stump them. Here are “five of my back-pocket tricks” to win readers advisory.